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The new Role of the Artist and the Movement of Quantum Art

Breve Estratto

Abstract: This report focus the quantum change of the meaning of “visual perception”
The Quantum Art movement (QAGI-EGOCREANET), would acting in the belief that Europe will overcome the current socio-economic crisis, starting from innovation and renewal of Quantum Art expression as a driver of scientific and economic crisis.
Indeed, the crisis now is fundamentally crisis of culture and art caused by conditioning exercited by the mass media, which inhibited systematically artistic creativity, relegating contemporary art to a mere market value. So that every form of emotional anticipation and imaginary contemporary art has gradually become out of innovation.
QAGI activity works today in the international cultural change, just as it has become necessary to favour a world-wide integration between art and science, based on the roots of the historical scientific artistic era in the famous ancient Italian Renaissance.
It is clear that, during the era of the Italian Renaissance,science and technology was referred to the construction of machines and equipment. Differently Art today is immersed in a technological environment where the scientific basis is essentially the quantum science . All electronic communication technologies, except the simple act of pressing of buttons and switches, are currently away from the immediate perception of the people, since they belong to an atomic-molecular quantum reality that is no visible as a macroscopic objects , but essentially is known through probabilistic concepts, as was decreed by the uncertainty principle in 1927.
Therefore, quantum science overcome all previous logic derived from previous conceptions of “mechanistic science”. In fact the fundamental quantum principle, basically means it is not more possible to know with precision the reality, but we can only work on the basis of an imaginary scientific probabilistic models.
Also we know that today neurobiology studies the brain function with neuroimaging models . Therefore, from a reflection on these studies we understand how the human brain can build its internal sounds and images, as probabilistic models of external reality , such as those built in a dream.
So that our brain-perception do not describe the effective reality , just as what we see and perceive is nothing else that a representation-model of external world This mean that the perception is able to anticipates the probability of the physical interactions of our body in the environment , this because the brain funtions are able to forecast all the probable interactions producing the sensations that we perceive.
This reversal probabilistic meaning of reality perceived by the senses, leads the Quantum Art to act to produce an innovative expression , capable of giving new aesthetic forms, useful to induce the transformation of consciousness Therefore the attitude of QAGI is directed towards the conceptual innovation of contemporary artistic expression, aiming to give creative criteria of probable social and economic changes that will become the essence of a new contemporarily renaissance of a scientific humanism.
Therefore, the movement QAGI-EGOCREANET consider as quantum artists all those who works in synergy with these motivations and ideas through the creation of painting, literature, music, film etcc . Hence Quantum Artists are able to overcome the lack the contemporary creativity and now a days the effort of QAGI-International artists are directed to improve eco–economy change.
The movement of ART Quantum (QAGI), was founded in 2010 by the artist Roberto Denti, he immediately joined the prospects of new conceptual relationships between art and science, previously identified and promoted by the Association R & D (NPO) EGOCREANET, right from ‘year 2004.
Finally, it is important to understand how the movement QAGI has found a wide and immediate acceptance in China, where the symbolic writing are able to express graphically. all things, concepts and notions. The quikly sharing of QUANTUM ART in China was probably possible, given that the traditional Chinese culture has roots in cognitive conceptual foundations outside of the European mechanism of science and phylosophy , this because Chinese ancient thought follows a holistic conceptions deriving from the TAO and also the oldest alchemical symbolism of Yin / Yang..
Therefore, the of representation and sharing of contemporary creativity and innovation, developed by QAGI/EGOCREANET, really seems probabilistically able to expand and renew the world of culture.
To meet this challenge and to debate about how Quantum Art spreads throughout the globalized world as a driver of change, by means a strategy for freeing art from old mechanical conceptions, EGOCREANET proposed to discuss to the development of QAGI strategy of change at the conference on the theme :
“NEW HORIZON QUANTUM OF ART & AUGMENTED REALITY” , which will be held December 14, 2012 at the Province of Florence (room L.Pistelli).
More information of such Conference in Florence (IT) can be requested to:
Paolo Manzelli <>

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